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Partnership Resources

Co-marketing with tech partners

How to Track Partnerships' Business Impact

Learn best practices for tracking business impact across the entire revenue funnel, from awareness to retention.

Tech partnerships leaders collaborating

An Analysis of the Top 50 Tech Partner Progam

Details what the top 50 programs are doing for rev share, partner requirements and benefits, and structure.

5 stages of a tech partner program

5 Stages of a Tech Partner Program

Understand how tech partner programs grow as they mature, and see how each stage approaches GTM and the product.

state of the partner ecosystem

State of the Partner Ecosystem 2021

Based on a survey of partnership professionals, covers organizations' partner tech, KPIs, salaries, and goals.

Product Resources

product management of integrations

Definitive Guide to Building an In-App Marketplace

Lays out everything you need to know about building, launching, and scaling an integration marketplace.

APIs explained for product managers

API Concepts for Product Managers

Covers the most popular API styles in SaaS and core concepts like request and response, REST, and schema.

apis and product integrations

APIs and Product Integrations Explained

Explains APIs and integrations for the non-technical. Covers styles, authentication, workflows, and core concepts.

APIs versions and how to manage them

Template on Prioritizing Integrations

Get a framework for prioritizing product integrations that helps you invest resources for the most ROI.

Engineering Resources

postman's 2020 API survey

Postman's 2021 State of the API Survey

Covers API developer job titles, the most popular type and styles of APIs,  and what tools API developers are using.

Slack thinks about designing their APIs

The Third Party Developer Experience

Read how to ensure your partner developers have an exceptional experience building integrations to your app.

API intersection podcast

API Intersection Podcast: Design and Developing

This podcast covers best practices for API design, becoming a platform company, and API development.

Building versus buying integration infra

Building versus Buying Integration Infra

This worksheet lays out all the variables you should assess when figuring out whether to build or buy integration infrastructure.