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About the SaaS Ecosystem Alliance

The SaaS Ecosystem Alliance (SEA) was founded by Cristina Flaschen and Kelly Sarabyn to bring together people who are working on building integrated SaaS ecosystems.

Partnership leaders, product managers, engineers, designers, and marketers must collaborate to make a SaaS company's platform and product integrations successful. Yet, all too often, these various departments are siloed from one another and don't speak the same language.

SEA aims to bridge this interdepartmental gap as well as to provide a place for people to connect with peers at other companies who are in the same functional role.

Whether you are focused on becoming the platform at the center of an ecosystem or a point solution integrated to a dozen keystone systems or both, if you are contributing to your SaaS company's integrated ecosystem, you should join this group.

With a Slack to facilitate open discussions, members-only resources, meetups, and masterclasses, SEA will enable you to excel in your role and network with your peers who are also at the forefront of building the future of interoperability.

We also have a partnership with the Tech Partnerships Ecosystem, the largest partnerships club on Clubhouse. Join the Tech Partnerships Ecosystem events and meetups and then continue the discussion in the SEA Slack.

Currently, SEA is only open to those actively working on SaaS platforms, integrated technology partnerships, external APIs, and product integrations. Apply below to join.

Partnerships, Product & Engineering

Learn how to most effectively collaborate across departments. Understand your projects from a different point of view.

Connect with Your Peers at Leading Companies

Whatever your role, connect and work with those in the same role at other companies who are working on the same problem.

Slack, Members Only Resources, and Meetups

We want to facilitate knowledge sharing in myriad channels. Ask and answer questions, and get free templates and guides.

Help Shape the Future of the Industry

The state of SaaS integration is rapidly changing and you can help share best practices and how we talk about these issues.

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