Interviews with product, partnership and engineering leaders who are building integrated SaaS ecosystems
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We're discussing cross-functional collaboration, APIs, integrations, app marketplaces, and business models

Building an ecosystem requires close collaboration between product and partnerships. We're asking product, partnership, and engineering leaders how to build, support, and scale SaaS ecosystems that result in happier customers and more revenue. Watch, listen, or read the interviews.

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The Head of Tech Partnerships at Sendoso shares advice on reporting structure, prioritizing integrations, developer relations, and collecting customer feedback. Listen on our podcast platforms, read the transcript, or watch the video below.

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The Director of Developer Relations and Advocacy at Lob talks about customer vs partner DX, trends in developer relations and API standards, and creating a developer community. Subscribe to our Youtube and podcasts for realtime updates.

Coming June 2
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The Director of Product Management for RingCentral defines a framework for a user centric approach to integrations, and shares advice for PMs working on integrations. Subscribe to our Youtube and podcasts for realtime updates.

Coming June 9

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